Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Garden

Here is a picture I took quickly one morning of the newest additions in my garden. The bottom right is a pea plant and the little patch of grass in the top left is carrots (you get lots of them together when you let a 2 year old help you plant). :-)

Ok, so more pictures will come later, but this is new to me...gardening. I'm really excited though. Hudson helped me plant a small vegetable garden. We have learned a lot since we started...mostly of how we should have done it differently, but we're proud of it none the less.

We planted peas and carrots from seeds...and as you can see, they are coming up, which is really exciting to see something where there was nothing! So far we have 20 pea plants that have come up and small patches of carrots that we are going to have to spread out a little better once they get a little bit bigger. We then have a row of 9 watermelon plants and 2 squash plants. I have to take a picture of the squash because it is already about 4 times as big as it was when we planted it. Then the back row we have 1 red bell pepper plant, 1 yellow bell pepper plant, and 9 green bell pepper plants and then we have blueberries and blackberries.

I am hoping that this garden produces some fruits and vegetables for us this summer especially the blueberry and pepper plants! Those are the most expensive fresh produce that we buy, and we eat a lot of them! Hoping this little garden will help our budget a little bit. :-) We only have about $20 in the garden, so it is going to be a good learning experience without breaking the bank. Next year we may expand a little bit if all goes well.

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Mel said...

Fun! I planted a garden too but I started inside since it was still getting cold here and I am not sure that some of them did well in the transplant :-( I did plant some more from seeds so hopefully some of them will come up. We will see. Good luck!