Sunday, August 30, 2009


We took Hudson to the Braves game last weekend. Braves vs. Marlins. It was his first baseball game, and he loved it! He was at a football game this past weekend asking me if he was doing it right as he tomahawk chopped. :-) He learned how to do the wave, the tomahawk chop, and was yelling CHARGE!!!! He didn't really pay attention to the game, but he had a ball. He is at such a fun age!

You can't go to the Braves game without eating at the Varsity. Hudson had a "naked dog" and a "frosted orange." YUM!

Hudson with the baseball guy.

Uncle Jerrod and Madddox were at this game too.

Hudson, Daddy, & Maddox

My handsome (almost) 3 year old!

Grandmama & Hudson

Running the bases in The Cartoon Network play area.

This past weekend was my birthday. 29!!!!! I've decided I'm going to celebrate 29 this year and every year from now on! :-) Friday I came home to a yummy cake and birthday presents from my favorite guys! Saturday we all cooked out at my mom's house. She made a yummy dinner and had my favorite cupcakes for dessert! Here are pictures from my birthday.

The cake from my guys!

The spread at my mom's house.

Cupcakes & pink lemonade...YUM!

Next weekend is Hudson's 3rd Birthday party! We are celebrating at American Adventures, and he is having a Diego party! We're super excited!

AND....hurry and vote in the baby poll over on the sidebar because the Thursday after Hudson's party (September 10th) we find out what we're having. Only about a week and half left to vote!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I usually do not like to read extremely long blog I'm going to do this in conversation form so it's not so long. (parts in parenthesis will be what was going through my head, NOT what I said).

I am teaching Pre-K this year. We have to have a class pet. After a big ordeal of figuring out what pets would be good/safe for me I just went with fish. :-) Hudson and I go to Petsmart to get some fish on Wednesday.

Petsmart Lady (PL): May I help you?

Me: I need to get some fish for my class pet.

PL: Is your tank set up?

Me: no

PL: Well, we really recommend that you have your tank up and running for 2 weeks before you put the fish in it.

Me: (yeah yeah yeah) Well, I don't have two weeks. We start school on Monday, and I have to have some fish.

PL: Well, I can't sell you any fish.


PL: I mean I would have to get my manager's approval and that probably won't happen considering. Here at Petsmart we are all about educating our buyers so that our pets have the best possible chance of survival.

Me: (wow...Petsmart must be doing awesome in this economy for you to turn DOWN a sale! I guess I'll go to wal-mart. I'm pretty sure they will sell me some fish. We ARE talking about FISH aren't we???) Ok....well I bought fish last year for my son's birthday party. We gave them as prizes for one of the games. They lived in a cooler for about 3 weeks, and some of the kids from the party still have their fish alive and well today.

PL: Did you get them from Petsmart? *smile*

Me: *smile* I got them from THIS Petsmart!

Meanwhile Hudson and I keep looking at the fish we might want to buy...not believing this conversation, and really thinking that someone should do a SNL skit on this employee!

Petsmart Manager is called over.

Petsmart Manager (PM): What kind of fish were you looking at getting.

Me: Cheap ones.

PM: Well, I'm not going to be able to give you the 14 day money back guarantee.

Me: That's fine...if they die, I'll eat my $1.50.

Seriously, that's how it went down. Watch these fish live forever! HA!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Grandmama!!!!

2nd Annual birthday cake making for Grandmama took place last weekend. Hudson picked out the cake he wanted us to make for Grandmama out of a cake magazine I have. He picked a Pink Almond Party Cake. We had a bit of an icing malfunction, but it still tasted sooo yummy!
Here is the picture of the cake we made last year for her.
Hudson & Grandmama with her Pink Almond Party Cake.

We then took her bowling. It was so fun. Check out our shoes. :-)

Birthday girl mid bowl.

Uncle Dylan helping Hudson. We let him use a ramp, but we did not put up bumpers.

He would get so excited when he knocked over pins.
Our final scores. Keep in mind Hudson did this without bumpers!!!!

(yes that would be me whooping up on everyone. ha ha)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hi ho...Hi ho

It's back to work I go. Monday was my first day back and of Pre-K. My kids still don't come for another full week, but we have had a good week back! Hudson has done great after being out for a month! No tears all week, and he really likes our new schedule (me too!). I work 7:30-3:30 and he loves being the first one to go home instead of the last when I was closing the infant room. It's going to be a great year! They have a sub lined up for my maternity leave already! :-). That made me feel a lot better!

Funny side note: about 3 months ago I was contacted by another center about a Pre-K position, but because I asked a few questions about the job they decided not to interview me. Apparantly I was TOO inquisitive! Well, found out today that the entire center is closing their doors tomorrow permanently! Thank you, Lord for Your provision there!