Friday, October 21, 2011

Bless His Heart

This is what I have heard all week because my sweet Kendan got an ambulance ride to Scottish Rite. :( He had a cough, and it was keeping him up at night. But I took him to the pediatrician because I thought he had an ear infection, and I hoped that they would give him meds to clear it up and in the process his cough would get better. Dr. Levine, whom we love, was very thorough with him. She told me he was wheezing, his O2 levels were low, and his chest was really tight. Kendan was having to work really hard to breathe, but by looking at him you would have never known. Dr. Levine even said the same thing. He wasn't running a fever; he was playing and acting normal (other than the cough). She called an ambulance because eventually toddlers will tire of working that hard to breathe, and we didn't want to take any chances on the way. He was seen at Children's and got a chest x-ray done. Turns out he has a bad ear infection and pneumonia in his right lung. Possible that he aspirated when he was throwing up last weekend. :( He is on a strong antibiotic, steroids, and a breathing treatment. He is feeling much better today.

God was watching over our boy last Wednesday! It scares me to think about what would have happened if I hadn't taken him in for a check up thinking he had an ear infection. I am in awe of how God shows His hand in our lives! And I thank God for Kendan's awesome pediatrician!
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Trip to China

Thursday Hudson's class took a geography day to China. They got their tickets, and had them stamped before boarding. They had packed their "suitcase" in small groups this week. These were manilla folders and they drew what they would take. Hudson packed his batman, superman, bad guy, bear, his toothbrush and toothpaste and my toothbrush and toothpaste. :) We boarded Pre-K Imaginary Airlines and flew to China. In flight snack was fortune cookies, and when we arrived in China the kids were able to make Chinese lanterns, paint Chinese symbols, build the Great Wall of China, and several other activities. It was a fun day, and my kind of air travel...whole trip took less than an hour. :)

Ms. Kari was all dressed up in her Chinese attire, and Ms. Pam was the Pilot. :)
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Amicalola Falls * Burts Farm * Ellijay Apple Festival Parade

Last weekend we took the boys camping. I mean real, sleeping in a tent, camping. It was really fun, and they did really well! Kendan got a stomach bug so that made for a long night, but had he not had that he would have slept all night! Weather was perfect! It was good time spent as a family! We walked to the falls, explored Burts Farm, cooked hot dogs and smores on an open fire, and then watched a great parade the next morning! I see many more camping trips in our future! My boys loved playing outside and exploring! :)
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

~Apple Day 2011~

My mom and I took the kids and traveled to Paintsville, KY this weekend for the 49th Apple Day. Paintsville is where my mom and dad grew up, and where we lived when I was a baby. We have gone back for Apple Day many times over the years. This was Hudson & Kendan's first Apple Day. We had a wonderful weekend. We stayed with Charles & Kathy, and had a wonderful time visiting. We visited my "nanny" while we were there too. She lived across the street from us when I was a baby, and adopted me as hers making herself my "nanny." We shopped in the arts and crafts tents, jumped in the jumpies, tried to win a bunny at the fair, watched the parade, and ate funnel cake and caramel apples. It was a fun time with the boys.
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