Friday, May 29, 2009

5 years ago...WOW

Honolulu, Hawaii

We took a week long vacation to the most beautiful place on Earth in June of 2004. Our vacation started out like this:

Us hanging out at the tiki bar, frequenting the beautiful beaches, snorkeling, swimming, sight-seeing, shopping, 4-wheeling through the countryside, cliff diving at the North Shore. It was an amazing vacation!

Monday Night: May 31, 2004

Kailua Beach

Joshua asked me to marry him after a walk on the beach.

I said, YES!

June 4, 2004

I woke up that morning to the biggest surprise of my entire life! It was our wedding day! Joshua and my mom had planned the entire wedding, and they did even more than I would have ever dreamed! I felt like a princess all day! It started with a yummy breakfast, and then a quick trip to the health department to get our marriage license. Then my dad, Joshua, and Dylan all disappeared for the day while mom and I had our hair and make-up done. The photographer and videographer were with us all day capturing our special day from start to finish. We got married at the Kahala Manderin Oriental Hotel with the ocean behind us! It was my fairy tale come true!

Happy Anniversary, Joshua! I love you!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


The sport of choice yesterday was baseball. Hudson got out his bat and ball, and I had to run inside and grab my camera because, much to my amazement, he was hitting the ball almost every time! We're just keeping our options open. What can I say? My boy loves sports!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Outside Fun...Lovin the Weather!

Nothing but pictures of Hudson...

I worked Pre-K hours today, so we were home by 3:45 which left us lots of time to play outside! It was so nice out today! I can't wait to start teaching Pre-K again so that we have this schedule all the time!!! Santa brought Hudson this basketball goal for Christmas, and he really hasn't been very interested in it until now. He asked me to bring it out, and we worked on actually making a shot. He was so excited...see the video below (just excuse my videographer skills or lack there of). :-)

Check out that form! He is still off the charts for height, so we might be heading in the right direction. :-)

~Just a cute picture of my boy!~

~I heart him.~

Here's the video of Hudson's bodacious basketball skills. :-)

Monday, May 18, 2009


This is my yellow bell pepper plant, and that little green thing in the middle is our very first pepper! I know you're's green, not yellow...I thought that same thing. My FIL is my go-to person on all things green, and he says they all start out green and then turn yellow or red. Hudson was very excited to see the first fruits of our was I! :-) This little garden has our complete enthusiasm and attention daily!

This is our previously pictured nest of four eggs all hatched and beginning their journey of life. Every time the nest rattles they reach their little wobbly head up thinking it's momma bird coming to feed them.

Sorry no pictures of Hudson yet again, but I took a really cute one of him and his friend, Fredrick, at a birthday party last Friday. However, I want to get Fredrick's mom's permission to put his picture on here first. So for now...just our garden and our nest.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Spring Is Here

Eggs in our (dead) ferns...AGAIN! This is the third bird family to make their home in one of our ferns. I cannot throw these UGLY ferns away because just before I do another bird lays some eggs! But I love having them! It's just amazing to me how God created everything, and I love watching his creations!

4 eggs.

My flowers in bloom. I'm so glad they came back this year! I LOVE Perennials!

My Garden...well part of it. It is small (4 rows), but we love it! And I love that Hudson helped me plant it.

My pea plant...see how big compared to it a few weeks ago?

My squash plants...these are about 10 times bigger than they were when we bought and planted them!
All these signs of Spring...I love Spring, and I love experiencing God's creation. I love watching my plants grow, eggs hatch, and flowers bloom!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Alma Mater

We took Hudson to McEachern today for a little walk around campus. I got all the traditional McEachern shots: bell tower, Indian, football field. I haven't been back on campus to walk around probably since I graduated. It has changed a LOT! Mr. Williams house is now the alumni house?!?! I realize he isn't principal anymore, but it will always seem like he should live there to me. It made me a little bit sad though because the grounds are not as pretty as they once were. I'm hoping it's because it's the end of the year, and they will be beautiful again in the fall, but there was a lot to be desired of the grassy areas. Also, the senior circle is WAY bigger! They've added cobblestone over what used to be grassy areas to make the circle bigger, but it looks strange to me. Enjoy the pictures, especially those of you that walked these cobblestone sidewalks with me there. :-) Seems so long ago.

My Garden

Here is a picture I took quickly one morning of the newest additions in my garden. The bottom right is a pea plant and the little patch of grass in the top left is carrots (you get lots of them together when you let a 2 year old help you plant). :-)

Ok, so more pictures will come later, but this is new to me...gardening. I'm really excited though. Hudson helped me plant a small vegetable garden. We have learned a lot since we started...mostly of how we should have done it differently, but we're proud of it none the less.

We planted peas and carrots from seeds...and as you can see, they are coming up, which is really exciting to see something where there was nothing! So far we have 20 pea plants that have come up and small patches of carrots that we are going to have to spread out a little better once they get a little bit bigger. We then have a row of 9 watermelon plants and 2 squash plants. I have to take a picture of the squash because it is already about 4 times as big as it was when we planted it. Then the back row we have 1 red bell pepper plant, 1 yellow bell pepper plant, and 9 green bell pepper plants and then we have blueberries and blackberries.

I am hoping that this garden produces some fruits and vegetables for us this summer especially the blueberry and pepper plants! Those are the most expensive fresh produce that we buy, and we eat a lot of them! Hoping this little garden will help our budget a little bit. :-) We only have about $20 in the garden, so it is going to be a good learning experience without breaking the bank. Next year we may expand a little bit if all goes well.