Monday, May 18, 2009


This is my yellow bell pepper plant, and that little green thing in the middle is our very first pepper! I know you're's green, not yellow...I thought that same thing. My FIL is my go-to person on all things green, and he says they all start out green and then turn yellow or red. Hudson was very excited to see the first fruits of our was I! :-) This little garden has our complete enthusiasm and attention daily!

This is our previously pictured nest of four eggs all hatched and beginning their journey of life. Every time the nest rattles they reach their little wobbly head up thinking it's momma bird coming to feed them.

Sorry no pictures of Hudson yet again, but I took a really cute one of him and his friend, Fredrick, at a birthday party last Friday. However, I want to get Fredrick's mom's permission to put his picture on here first. So for now...just our garden and our nest.

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