Saturday, June 27, 2009

and ones on the way...

Here is an update on how things are going. I'm doing good. I have started feeling queasy most evenings, which is how I was with Hudson. I had evening sickness with him not morning sickness.'re thinking it's another boy...maybe...but my mom had evening sickness also with both me and my brother, Dylan. :-) So we'll see.

I had my first doctor's appointment, which is where the picture in the previous post came from. My next appointment is July 13th and they are doing another sonogram. They saw a hemorrhage in the first one they did, so they wanted to do another one 4 weeks later to make sure it has gone away. My doctor acted like they were somewhat common ??? so I'm not worrying about it too much. He said they can happen as the uterus stretches, and they can go away on their own. Please pray that it is gone when I go back on July 13th.

Hudson is very excited, and talks about the baby a lot. He also tells me there is a baby in his belly. :-) He has decided on two names: Zeke if it's a boy; and Ava if it's a girl. We like Ava...not sure about Zeke yet. But Hudson wouldn't even listen to other ideas after he decided on Ava, he kept saying, "No, mommy, just Ava."

That may be all I've got in the way of updates. :-) I will post again after my next doctor's appointment. February seems so far away. :-)

Friday, June 12, 2009

God's Plan

Ok, I am a little bit hesistant to share this, but I hope that through this God receives the glory!
Josh and I thought about a year and a half ago that we were ready to have another baby. We started trying in December of 2007, and after 13 months, 2 rounds of Clomid (fertility drug) and Metformin to help me ovulate we finally stopped trying! January of 2009 I decided that trying to conceive was consuming my life, and I was missing just enjoying life and all it had to offer. Josh and I decided that this would be a good time for me to go back to work teaching, so I have gotten my certification renewed and am currently working at the YMCA. Our plan was that we would start trying again in August or September that way I could complete a full year of teaching before we had the baby, God willing that we would have another one.
God's ways are not our ways, and he is TRULY the ONLY giver of life! I took fertility medicine for 6 months and was not pregnant!
To our surprise, we are now expecting our second child!
We are really excited, unsure of how the next year is going to unfold for me regarding work, blessed beyond measure, and full of wonder and awe at a God so great and amazing!
I am fairly early, but if you know me you know I CANNOT keep a secret! I went to the doctor today, and I am 6 weeks and 2 days. I am due February 3, 2010. Hudson will be almost 3 1/2 when the new baby comes. He is really excited even though I don't think he fully understands what is to come. Tonight he laid his head on my belly and said, "Hey baby." *sigh* He melts my heart!
I am still a little bit heartbroken for those of you that I know who are struggling with infertility. I remember how hard it was hearing (from everyone it seemed) that they were pregnant when I wanted so badly to be pregnant. Know that I am still praying for you!
Our precious baby #2!

*Being that it is still so early, I have not told work yet, so if you happen to work with me please keep this a secret. :-) Thank you.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cat's Wedding

This weekend my precious boy was the ring bearer in Cat and Cole's wedding. He did an amazing job, and I wish I could rewind the weekend and play it back because it was so fun! He loved every minute, and he was a total heartbreaker among all the beautiful girls there!

Have you ever seen a more handsome ring bearer?

Have you ever seen a more beautiful bride? Seriously?

Hudson's most favorite!

His new friend, Sarah. He LOVED her!

Hudson enjoying the company of Sarah and Michelle.

That would be Hudson in the middle of all the beautiful girls! He started the party, and danced the night away! So funny!
My family at the wedding.

On our five year wedding anniversary.