Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ft. Walton Beach

Ft. Walton Beach

We're here. So fun! I love the beach! Here are some pictures of our quick stop before dinner tonight. Kendan's first time with his toes in the sand. These are also his 3 month pictures. Get ready for the last cute!

Josh took these...I think he did a great job! I love pictures at the beach!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Whirlwind Trip to Athens

Mom and I packed up the boys and headed to Athens for a day trip. We met my Aunt and cousin to look at a reception venue for my cousin's wedding in May. :) On our way into town we stopped and visited with the Murphy's. I babysat for Sean and Colin while I was at UGA. They were Hudson's age they are handsome young men.

After a dinner of Peking (YUM!) we headed to Michelle's house. Michelle was my sorority house mom when I was in college, and one of THE funniest people I know. She had mom and I laughing so hard while we visited. She loved on my kids, and we had a great time seeing her again.

We are going back in May for my cousin's wedding, and I WILL get pictures at the traditional UGA picture places. :) Can't wait. I heart Athens! *sigh*

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Soccer and South Georgia

These should be at the bottom of this post, but I forgot to upload them until the end, and I can't figure out how to move them to the bottom. Editing on blogger isn't the greatest.
Kendan and me on the wagon. :)

My boys and me ready for a wagon ride.

Hudson started Soccertots last week. He loved it, and is learning some good fundamentals. He was so cute out there.

Last Thursday we made a trip to McRae to surprise 'Ma for her birthday! She had no idea we were coming, and burst into tears when Hudson ran into her room yelling "Happy Birthday, 'Ma!" :) We went to dinner for her birthday along with Shawn, Sarah, Lucas, and Anna Kate. Before we left, Hudson and Anna Kate took a ride on Marty. He is Maddox's horse, but a little bit smaller for Anna Kate.

Hudson and Anna Kate in Hudson's rocking chair. Sweet cousins.

'Ma with her birthday cake Sarah made for her. Anna Kate had just stuck her finger in the cake. Ha ha!

'Pa with Lucas watching TV.

Hudson on his horse, Max. He LOVED riding Max! I think he wore 'Pa out daily wanting to ride!

Check out that incredibly cute dimple! Both of my kids are blessed with dimples! I love them!

Hudson and Max.

Sweet faces...both of them.

After he rode he wanted to walk Max.

We had a great visit! We love going down there and relaxing on their farm. While we were down there, 'Pa had someone come look at his lambs for his kids to show. Josh and his brothers grew up showing lambs and hogs. Before we could say "don't do it," Hudson climbed in with the lambs where 'Pa was and grabbed one up by the neck. He stood there holding the lamb, looked up at 'Pa, and said, "I'm great at this!" I don't think 'Pa has had a prouder moment! I can't wait for Hudson to show. 'Pa knows sheep, and Josh was pretty darn good at it as he's in good hands. :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm an addict.

:) Addicted to finding great deals! I bought all of these 7th Generation cleaning/laundry products on clearance at Babies R Us. I used a $1 off coupon for every single one, and with a promotion Babies R Us has where you buy one get one 50% off I spent a total of $8 AND I get a $5 mail in when I get my $5 check I will have come out of pocket $3! Such a high for me...I seriously couldn't sleep last night! HA HA I LOVE finding good deals!

*I bought 3 of the items before the promotion of Buy One Get One 50% case you did the math! You have to buy 3 Seventh Gen products to get the $5 mail in rebate.*

Monday, April 5, 2010

Kendan 2 months old

Kendan 2 months old:
11 pounds; 13 ounces
23 inches long
He is such a happy baby. He only cries when he is tired. He eats 4-6 ounces every 2-3 hours during the day. He sleeps from 10 PM until 8 AM! He loves to talk, smile, coo, and snuggle. He loves his seahorse musical glow toy. He takes a soothie paci at night, but doesn't love it...he'd much rather suck on his fist.

Never thought #2 would be as easy as #1 was.

I love this boy!

Egg Hunt

We had a great time Saturday at the Eggstravaganza at church. Jerrod, Jenna, Maddox, and Mason met us there. It was non-stop fun the entire time we were there! Here are the pictures from our day.
Uncle Jerrod took Hudson and Maddox on the train for a ride.

Hudson on the shark slide...he wasn't scared at all! :)

Ready for his egg hunt.

Collecting eggs.

After the eggstravaganza it was off to Woodstock for Reese's 1st birthday! She was adorable at her party! We love those Jackson girls! Our attempt at a picture with all 4 kids. :) Oh well. The girls were matching and my boys were matching.