Tuesday, June 17, 2008


We visited with Matt, Amy, and William Casper on Monday as they came through town. It was so good to spend some time with them. Amy is one of those friends that no matter what life throws at you, how long it's been since you've seen each other, how busy you've become, how little you've

been able to talk, or how you've changed you just seem to pick back up right where you left off. We still seem to know each other...I guess that comes from spending 4 years of college almost inseperable. So here are the pictures from our lunch date. The first one is Amy and me with our sweet boys. The second one is William and me. The last one is a family picture of the Caspers. This one was taken in The Container Store right after William had a BLOW-OUT diaper in the parking lot. Nice.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Finally I've added new pictures of our house. We have done so much since we bought it. In the pictures you'll see Hudson's room (formerly the strawberry room), then Hudson's bath, then the guest bedroom (previously the blue room), then the master, then the living room (which we didn't change much), then the 1/2 bath that I venietian plastered, then the dining room, then Hudson's playroom, and then the kitchen mainly to display the new tile and you can see the hardwood floors in the dining room. His playroom is my favorite room in the house. He has a place for his artwork to be displayed, and he has a magnetic board on the wall. We put new hardwoods down in the downstairs living room, foyer, and dining room. We put new carpet in his playroom and the entire upstairs. And we tiled the kitchen. Sorry it has taken me so long to add these! I'm on a roll with this blog thing now.

Imagine It Children's Museum

Josh and I took Hudson and Kaitlyn (the little girl I keep 3 days a week) to the Imagine It Children's Museum. The second Tuesday of every month Target sponsers free admission to the museum starting at 1:00 PM. We got in line at 12 and fed the kids lunch while we waited. We had a great time, and the there was so much for the kids to explore. Here is the video and pictures from that day. Enjoy the slideshow, and please be impressed that I put this together complete with pictures, videos, and music! :-) ha ha

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nite Nite Frights

When I was younger (around 5) I had a lamp that was a clown holding balloons. This lamp when turned on at night cast the most eerie shadows. I am not sure why, but I never told my parents it scared me. I simply asked to sleep with the light on for a lot of nights. My mom found out once I was grown that the lamp she bought for my room caused me to be scared at night. She has since joked about things I have gotten for Hudson saying that I will find out when he's 22 that it really terrified him.

It has happened.

I bought him an adorable night light that plugs into the wall. You put a picture in it, and the picture becomes the night light. I put a great picture of Hudson with his sunglasses on in the night light and plugged it into his wall. Since then, he has come into our room in the middle of the night every night. He also has started waking up screaming like he had a bad dream. The other night I caught him looking at the shadows on the ceiling cast by the night light. I asked him if the shadows scared him, and he went berzerk. He began crying loudly and clawing onto me. I took that as a yes. Now we have a dilemna because he won't go to bed in his bed at night. He took a nap there today fine, but it was light outside. As soon as it begins to get dark, he will not let me lay him in his bed.

Is there a solution? We have tried putting the light in the hallway instead. Didn't work. We tried turning a lamp on so his room is entirely lit up. Didn't work. He insists on going to sleep in our bed. Am I just going to have to adjust to a third party in my bed from now until he leaves home? Let me know what remedies you may have for this situation.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Family Picture

This was us at Star's wedding. We don't get "good" family pictures very often, so I wanted to add this one. I know I'm biased, but have you seen two more handsome men?