Thursday, January 31, 2008


It has snowed here a couple of times over the last month. We had so much fun playing in the snow. We had a snowball fight, which Hudson thought was so funny. Josh and Hudson built a snowman. I think Josh really had as much fun as Hudson, but Hudson did not want to come inside. He kept saying "So" for snow. The next day when it had mostly all melted, he kept saying "Bye Bye So." He also says "Brrrhhh" when I tell him it's too cold. Which I have to say a lot because he asks (almost everyday) to wear his crocs, so when I say no...he says "brrhhh" because I have said so many times "it's too cold to wear your crocs." He's such a funny kid. Hudson and I take a picture with the snowman Josh built.

Josh and Hudson with their snowman.

Hudson playing in the snow.

New house pictures

The pictures below are of our soon to be new house. I am still learning how this blog works so I posted the pictures above my blog on accident. So....scroll down to read about our new house.

New House

Well, I thought I would give this a try instead of telling everyone the same stories over and over. So, we are in the process of buying a house in Paulding County, and we are so excited. We have a lot we want to do to the house before we move in though including: painting everything, laying tile in the kitchen and bathrooms, laying hardwood floors in the family room and dining room, and putting new carpet in the playroom and the entire upstairs. We are scheduled to close on Feb. 15th, but it looks like we will actually close a little bit before then. We would LOVE any help with if you're available, we'll put a paintbrush in your hand.

Josh and I worked at the house a little bit yesterday. I stripped the wallpaper in the kitchen while he installed thermostats and tacked carpet down (so it will pass inspection). We are very ready to start working on it full force. Here are some pictures of the house as it is now. I will post "after" pictures when we are done.