Monday, May 11, 2009

Spring Is Here

Eggs in our (dead) ferns...AGAIN! This is the third bird family to make their home in one of our ferns. I cannot throw these UGLY ferns away because just before I do another bird lays some eggs! But I love having them! It's just amazing to me how God created everything, and I love watching his creations!

4 eggs.

My flowers in bloom. I'm so glad they came back this year! I LOVE Perennials!

My Garden...well part of it. It is small (4 rows), but we love it! And I love that Hudson helped me plant it.

My pea plant...see how big compared to it a few weeks ago?

My squash plants...these are about 10 times bigger than they were when we bought and planted them!
All these signs of Spring...I love Spring, and I love experiencing God's creation. I love watching my plants grow, eggs hatch, and flowers bloom!

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Missy said...

Yay for fresh veggies! I can only imagine how much Hudson enjoyed planting those and is enjoying watching them grow...V loved it this year to! Stinks you have to keep the ferns...but so awesome that you get to watch a small piece of God's infinite creativity unfold right on your front porch.