Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tellus not Tubing

So, we were going to tube in Helen today, but the weather was not cooperating. So, we postponed tubing to another day in the near future and today went to the Tellus Science Museum. It was a fun family day. We learned about solar & wind energy, magnets, dinosaurs*, minerals, and sound waves. We got to pan for gemstones, dig for fossils, and we watched a thrilling rollercoaster show in the planetarium. We ended up with gem stones, sharks teeth, a space shuttle, and astronaut ice cream to take home. It was a good alternative for a rainy day.

*I do not understand how they can really make people believe their findings when they find one little bone. The information panels showed what part of the dinosaur had been a vertebrae...and from that they have this whole skeleton. How do they know he had spikes based off of the finding of 1 bone in his tail...sheesh!!!! I realize they also make people believe the Earth is millions of years old...but I made sure Hudson realized that the dinosaur skeletons were based on just one bone that really could have been from anything.
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Friends...Family...and Fostering.

So, the last week has been really busy. One of my best friends was visiting from Ohio last weekend with his wife. So we got the old crew together for lunch at Big Pie in the Sky Pizza. It was so good to spend time with them and their wives. It wasn't our entire crew...we were missing one friend that had to work. :)

Then this past weekend my little brother graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta with a degree in Media Game Art & Design. It was a great day! We are so proud of him, and he is about to start working on Titanic 3-D...pretty amazing!

And an update on our foster care journey. We are in the middle of our training classes, and they are very informative! The 3 hours goes by fast, and we are learning a lot. We did a really amazing activity last week that I taped inside my binder so I always remember. We had 6 slips of paper that we had to write our support system on; mine was immediate family, extended family, friends, church family, neighbors, and former co-workers. Then they talked us through a story where one at a time we had to leave one behind and give them up. When we had two left I was holding immediate family and extended family. It was so difficult to choose who we would give up each time so we were glad when she stopped with the last two. Then she told us that while these would be our last supports to give up, IT IS THE FIRST ONES A FOSTER CHILD IS ASKED TO GIVE UP. It was overwhelming!!! We are very excited about this journey though, and the precious children God brings to us whether it is for a short time or for forever. We want to show God's love to these kids AND to their families. Some of them have never seen what love really looks like, and we want to show that love. We appreciate all the prayers, really we do! We will update through the process.
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We Survived!!!!!

We had a BLAST zip lining today! It was just Josh and I with two tour guides. It was so much fun!!! 9 zips and 3 sky bridges. Our longest zip was 675 feet! We had the best tour guides too! Oconee River Basin Canopy Tour was an awesome zip lining experience! Happy Anniversary, Joshua! :)
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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Beach Trip Season Finale

Last day at the beach was very relaxed. Mom and Hudson spent the morning playing Goofy Golf. Then that afternoon we all headed to the bay again. We swam, floated, played in the sand, and found more sea shells. Then we had a yummy dinner of oysters on the half shell and fish and shrimp at High Tide. Now back to reality. :)
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7 Years...

Seen years ago today my dad woke me up in Honolulu, Hawaii. I was on vacation with mom, Dylan, and Joshua, who had proposed on Monday night 4 days earlier. Joshua tells me that we are getting married that day! He had gone to my mom {pre-trip} and asked for her help in pulling off a surprise wedding in Hawaii. {I had told him before we went that we should just get married over there...he told me he didn't want to do that.} So we ate a big breakfast and dad drove us over to get our marriage license. Then the guys went to the Hilton Hawaiian village to get ready while mom and I had our hair and make-up done at the condo. My dress and shoes had been shipped over before we left Georgia by my mom, and they were perfect for a Hawaiian beach wedding! Then the photographer arrived and took pictures from mid morning until sunset. The videographer was there almost as long. At 4 o'clock my dad walked me down the aisle to marry my best friend. It was my fairy tale, and the best day! We had fun getting married! It was so relaxed and calm, and perfect for me. I would have gone crazy and driven those around me crazy had I had to plan a wedding. :)

I love Joshua more today than I did seven years ago! He is a great man, husband, and daddy to our boys. He is my best friend, and I am so blessed! I laugh now looking back at other relationships and what I thought should be my Prince Charming because God exceeded all my expectations with Joshua. Happy Anniversary!
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Friday, June 3, 2011

Beach Trip Part 3

Yesterday was a great day relaxing on the bay side. Hudson could go way out because it was shallow and the only waves were from boats that went by. We also found a ton of really cool shells...all of which were occupied by hermit crabs. We evicted them of their homes and now have some really amazing shells. :)

Then yesterday evening mom and the boys went pirate trick or treating as part of the Billy Bowlegs festival, and Liz and I went to, my friend, Michael & Freedom's house for a jewelry party. Michael and I went to high school together, and his wife Freedom had a Premier party while I was down here that I did for her. It was so great to catch up with them! Freedom is a perfect girl for Michael, and I am so happy to have reconnected with him. And I am so happy to have Freedom as a friend; we are already planning our next get together. Next time they will get to meet Joshua too. Can't wait!
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beach Trip Part 2

Yesterday we visited with my Mamaw and Papaw after a morning at the beach. Then we had dinner with a good friend from high school. He and his wife met us at a yummy seafood (what else) restaurant. We had a great time!

Then today we spent more time on the beach and then took a picnic to a local park. Perfect day.
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