Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Pictures

This year we did Thanksgiving at my mom's house...only we did it a day early. Josh had to work on Thanksgiving Day so we had our feast on Wednesday. Here are some pictures from Wednesday.

Hudson and Genevieve

Hudson and Genevieve again...or Genebieve as Hudson called her.

Thanksgiving 2008

Family picture

Uncle Mark, Genevieve, Emily, & Hudson

This is a video of Hudson singing. He has started singing songs I've sang to him his whole life. It amazed me that he just one day started singing. The first one is his version of "Rock A Bye Baby" He sang it really well BEFORE we started filming. The last two are his ABC's. He was helping me cook one night and just started singing them. He started with Q that night though. :) I love hearing him sing!!!! I can only imagine the joy we give to God when he hears us sing cause I'm going to tell you there's nothing sweeter than hearing my boy sing or say "I love you." I should record him saying I love you...he says it so sweetly. Maybe I'll go do that.

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