Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Operation Christmas Child

I have packed a box or boxes for Operation Christmas Child every year since I was in high school. I love what they do for children all over the world, and I get excited each year when I pack my box. This year I wanted to share this with Hudson. I wanted him to feel the joy that comes from knowing you are giving to someone else without any expectations of a gift in return. I wanted him to experience picking out fun items to go in a box for a child that might not get any other gifts this Christmas, and I want him to have an understanding and awareness that we live a truly blessed life with more things (a playroom full of them in fact) than we ever need!!!
He really did get excited to help me back the box for "a little boy." There were some plastic bugs that I had divided up to give to both Hudson and put in the box. Hudson, however, put his bugs in the box and said, "I want to give these to the little boy." It melted my heart to see his spirit of giving.
I hope to make this a Christmas tradition every year. It will be a special memory for me to remember packing Christmas boxes for those less fortunate with my son. Here are some pictures of him packing his box.

If you want to pack a box, volunteer to help, donate, or just pray for this ministry. Click on Operation Christmas Child here.


Mel said...

Awesome cause, I am going to look into it!

Drena said...

what a sweet boy!

amanda said...

That is precious. What a special thing to share with him!

Anonymous said...

Nice work Mom! I think teaching children giving is so important...I am going to have to check into this for our family. Thanks for the good idea!