Monday, November 17, 2008

Down on the Farm

We went to McRae this past weekend to spend an early Thanksgiving with Josh's family. Hudson had a blast spending time with 'Ma & 'Pa. He got to ride the tractor with 'Pa on Thursday, and he LOVED it! Here are the pictures from our weekend.

Riding the tractor with 'Pa
Nandie with Cora, Abbey, Hudson, & Peter
Hudson and Abbey playing together.
Abbey in the hat I made for her. I'm thinking of making these to sell; we'll see. I thought she looked SO cute in it!

Hudson and 'Ma.

Hudson and 'Pa.

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Kasey and Tyler Brinlde said...

Chelsea, I will be the first one to buy lots of those CUTE hats from you. I just found out our roomamte is having a girl and my brother is having one, so I need lots of cute hats. What a talent you have. And by the way Hudson is soooo cute.