Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tellus not Tubing

So, we were going to tube in Helen today, but the weather was not cooperating. So, we postponed tubing to another day in the near future and today went to the Tellus Science Museum. It was a fun family day. We learned about solar & wind energy, magnets, dinosaurs*, minerals, and sound waves. We got to pan for gemstones, dig for fossils, and we watched a thrilling rollercoaster show in the planetarium. We ended up with gem stones, sharks teeth, a space shuttle, and astronaut ice cream to take home. It was a good alternative for a rainy day.

*I do not understand how they can really make people believe their findings when they find one little bone. The information panels showed what part of the dinosaur had been a vertebrae...and from that they have this whole skeleton. How do they know he had spikes based off of the finding of 1 bone in his tail...sheesh!!!! I realize they also make people believe the Earth is millions of years old...but I made sure Hudson realized that the dinosaur skeletons were based on just one bone that really could have been from anything.
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