Sunday, April 25, 2010

Whirlwind Trip to Athens

Mom and I packed up the boys and headed to Athens for a day trip. We met my Aunt and cousin to look at a reception venue for my cousin's wedding in May. :) On our way into town we stopped and visited with the Murphy's. I babysat for Sean and Colin while I was at UGA. They were Hudson's age they are handsome young men.

After a dinner of Peking (YUM!) we headed to Michelle's house. Michelle was my sorority house mom when I was in college, and one of THE funniest people I know. She had mom and I laughing so hard while we visited. She loved on my kids, and we had a great time seeing her again.

We are going back in May for my cousin's wedding, and I WILL get pictures at the traditional UGA picture places. :) Can't wait. I heart Athens! *sigh*


Allison D said...

How about that?! You saw Michelle? Is she still doing the same thing? I think I heard she moved to a different house.

Your boys are so cute.

Missy said...

soo fun! I miss Athens! Peking Sunday buffet....mmmmmmmm.
Oh, and those two little boys are ridiculous! Talk about heart breakers!