Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm an addict.

:) Addicted to finding great deals! I bought all of these 7th Generation cleaning/laundry products on clearance at Babies R Us. I used a $1 off coupon for every single one, and with a promotion Babies R Us has where you buy one get one 50% off I spent a total of $8 AND I get a $5 mail in when I get my $5 check I will have come out of pocket $3! Such a high for me...I seriously couldn't sleep last night! HA HA I LOVE finding good deals!

*I bought 3 of the items before the promotion of Buy One Get One 50% case you did the math! You have to buy 3 Seventh Gen products to get the $5 mail in rebate.*


Drena said...

From one deal finder to another, I tip my hat to you! Congrats!

Jessica Cannon said...

Nicely done! I have become addicted to deals too! I can't stand to pay full price for anything anymore!!