Thursday, August 13, 2009


I usually do not like to read extremely long blog I'm going to do this in conversation form so it's not so long. (parts in parenthesis will be what was going through my head, NOT what I said).

I am teaching Pre-K this year. We have to have a class pet. After a big ordeal of figuring out what pets would be good/safe for me I just went with fish. :-) Hudson and I go to Petsmart to get some fish on Wednesday.

Petsmart Lady (PL): May I help you?

Me: I need to get some fish for my class pet.

PL: Is your tank set up?

Me: no

PL: Well, we really recommend that you have your tank up and running for 2 weeks before you put the fish in it.

Me: (yeah yeah yeah) Well, I don't have two weeks. We start school on Monday, and I have to have some fish.

PL: Well, I can't sell you any fish.


PL: I mean I would have to get my manager's approval and that probably won't happen considering. Here at Petsmart we are all about educating our buyers so that our pets have the best possible chance of survival.

Me: (wow...Petsmart must be doing awesome in this economy for you to turn DOWN a sale! I guess I'll go to wal-mart. I'm pretty sure they will sell me some fish. We ARE talking about FISH aren't we???) Ok....well I bought fish last year for my son's birthday party. We gave them as prizes for one of the games. They lived in a cooler for about 3 weeks, and some of the kids from the party still have their fish alive and well today.

PL: Did you get them from Petsmart? *smile*

Me: *smile* I got them from THIS Petsmart!

Meanwhile Hudson and I keep looking at the fish we might want to buy...not believing this conversation, and really thinking that someone should do a SNL skit on this employee!

Petsmart Manager is called over.

Petsmart Manager (PM): What kind of fish were you looking at getting.

Me: Cheap ones.

PM: Well, I'm not going to be able to give you the 14 day money back guarantee.

Me: That's fine...if they die, I'll eat my $1.50.

Seriously, that's how it went down. Watch these fish live forever! HA!


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The real horrible thing about this story is that somewhere the crazy person that thought this up is probably Pro Choice! It's fish people!!