Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Grandmama!!!!

2nd Annual birthday cake making for Grandmama took place last weekend. Hudson picked out the cake he wanted us to make for Grandmama out of a cake magazine I have. He picked a Pink Almond Party Cake. We had a bit of an icing malfunction, but it still tasted sooo yummy!
Here is the picture of the cake we made last year for her.
Hudson & Grandmama with her Pink Almond Party Cake.

We then took her bowling. It was so fun. Check out our shoes. :-)

Birthday girl mid bowl.

Uncle Dylan helping Hudson. We let him use a ramp, but we did not put up bumpers.

He would get so excited when he knocked over pins.
Our final scores. Keep in mind Hudson did this without bumpers!!!!

(yes that would be me whooping up on everyone. ha ha)

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