Thursday, July 2, 2009

Creating Traditions

The day Josh and I found out that Hudson was a boy we also left for a week long spring break vacation to Sandestin. While we were down there we drove to Destin Commons and did a little shopping. We went to Build A Bear and built Hudson a bear (complete with a fireman suit) from us to him. He calls his bear, Bear. :-) We were down there again recently and took Hudson to the same Build A Bear store, and let him build a bear for the new baby. We don't yet know whether it's a boy or girl (so we didn't buy any clothes). Hudson picked everything out, and he did a great job building the bear. Instead of a music box he put a heart beat sound inside, so when you squeeze the bear it sounds like a beating heart...thump thump....thump thump. He then stuffed the bear, fluffed the bear, and named the bear...ZEKE. Here is Hudson with his bear and the new bear for baby. The baby's bear is the one with glasses. We bought those instead of clothes.

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