Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So, these pictures start on Sunday and go backwards. :-) Hudson had a great Easter! He managed a total of 7 egg hunts! We didn't plan on this. He had one at school, then moved to another class and had one with that class too. We spontaneously went to storytime last Wednesday and they had one that morning as well. We then did three on the Saturday before Easter, and one at Grandmama's house on Easter Sunday! Hudson had fun at all of them this year! He really enjoyed the helicopter that dropped eggs from the sky. I'm going to try to post the video from that. It's a little hard to see, but it was so cool! (It's at the bottom).
We had a wonderful Easter, and I love sharing with Hudson the meanings of holidays! I hope he got from this holiday a glimpse of how much God loves him...that's what I tried to emphasize! It's still amazing to think of Jesus rising from the dead! We "hear" it so much during "church talk" but how UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! Amazing! Enjoy the pictures.
Easter morning...egg hunt at Grandmama's house.

So excited the Easter bunny came!

He brought him play food. :-) He loves playing with it.

Going down the slide with daddy at Burnt Hickory.

Hudson & Maddox with 'Ma & 'Pa.

Grandmama & Hudson.

Hudson & me at White Oak Park.

I love that face!

Ready to watch the helicopter drop!

Ready for the Easter egg hunt at school.

Videos from the day...the helicopter drop (watch closely for the eggs falling or listen for the crown cheering that's when they fall), the train ride and inflatable slide at Burnt Hickory.

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Allison and Michael said...

What fun! Hudson looks like he had a blast.