Monday, July 21, 2008

New Pictures

Here are some random pictures we have taken over the last month. We have been pretty low-key, but we are quickly gearing up for Hudson's 2nd birthday. We are doing a carnival complete with moonwalk, pony rides, face paint, games, sand art, cotton candy, and sno-cones! So fun!!! Amanda and Owen met Hudson and me at Sweet Tomatoes for lunch. So good to see her, and Owen is PRECIOUS!
I thought this was a cool shot of Josh and Hudson on the lawn mower. Artsy huh?
Playing in the moonwalk at Maddox's 1st birthday.

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amanda said...

I love the pictures; how sweet to include Owen! Hudson is adorable; I know you're enjoying every minute. That's fun that you're getting ready for the 2nd birthday. The years fly by!