Monday, September 6, 2010

...4 years old...

Hudson is 4 years old, and probably THE funniest kid I know. He is so sweet and caring. He loves to make people laugh. He is incredibly smart (sometimes too smart for his own good). He loves Toy Story, Scooby Doo, Peter Pan, Cars, Aladdin, and Tom and Jerry. He could be a vegetarian since fruits and veggies are the first things he eats and the meat is always the last. He does, however, love Chick-fil-A. He is such a wonderful big brother to Kendan. He loves on him, and climbs in his crib with him often. He is so sweet and gentle with him, and Hudson is about the only person that can get Kendan to laugh out loud just by being. He doesn't have to do anything really and Kendan just laughs and laughs. I'm so glad they have each other! Hudson is so special, and I am so glad we were able to celebrate his 4th birthday yesterday! I think birthdays are a big deal so I try every year to make his super special!
Hudson is still sleeping so I thought I'd go ahead and get these pictures up. His birthday was the best yet! He had soooo much fun! Here is his special day in pictures.

His cake I made.

The Hayride.

Singing "Happy Birthday"

Make a wish!

Opening presents...Oh My!

The water slide!


Bounce House.

Sweet friends.

Hudson and the Outlaws.

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Beth Goff said...

How fun!!! I love that football is in on the TV for the men in the room! Cake is awesome!!!