Saturday, July 24, 2010

snapshots of life

Imagine It Children's Museum
We took Hudson and Kendan to the museum a few weeks ago on their free Target Tuesday. Hudson's friend, Emma, and her mom met us down there. Sooo fun.
The kids milking the cow. This is new since our last visit to the museum. :)

My sweet boy!

Fishing Buddies

Moon Sand

My little artist

Lake Acworth. Hot Summertime Fun.

Kendan gets a dip...

Splashing with Madalyn

Our sweet neighbors with Hudson

Fixin' the grill with daddy...each had their own set of tools.

It had been a while since I posted I thought I'd share a few I've taken with my phone over the past few weeks. I haven't had my camera out except for one here's pictures of our everyday life. :) Well, moments that make me happy anyway.

Kendan fell asleep like this. He LOVES this little bear/blankie and holds it when he falls asleep. He also loves his light up musical seahorse. I, of course, moved this OFF of his face after I took the picture. :)

Sweet boy!

Hudson came over to hug Kendan and Kendan just layed his little head on Hudson's chest. *sigh*

Hudson and sweet friend's sweet little girl.


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