Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Here we go...

I'm ALL in. I am in love with my new business venture...Premier Designs Jewelry! This opportunity literally fell in my lap. I was tired of seeing all of my high school friends facebooking how much free jewelry they had just gotten by hosting a Premier Designs Jewelry party. So, I messaged my friend, Beth, who sold it and told her I wanted her to do a show at my house. It took a while for our dates to coordinate since she lives in Myrtle Beach, and during that time it really felt as though everything was falling in place for me to venture into this business. I had serious reservations at first, and I began just asking around to see what kind of interest and resonse I would get.

Before I was ever even "official" I had 8 (I now have 9) parties booked with several others "checking dates" and a couple of sorority houses interested in doing parties in the fall!!!!!!!!!

I have now had my training show, which Beth did, and I am super excited about this opportunity! I have such a peace about it. It is something I love, and I love doing it...I get so excited thinking about how much free jewelry I get to give my hostess FREE!!!!!! There isn't a hostess plan out there that compares to this one!!!! I've got parties booked all over the state of Georgia...I am so excited about them! My training party only had 6 people show and I had some pre-orders from a couple of people. I got $238 in FREE jewelry!!!!!! If you want to host a show, leave me a comment and we'll get it worked out! They are super fun!

God has been teaching me some pretty amazing things lately, and I'm finding peace in resting in HIM. I'm finding security in Him, and finding that I can trust him with everything in my life. This was shown to me during my hesitation about doing Premier. I was am I going to do this with Josh's work schedule? My sweet neighbor called me that night and said, "If you decide to do Premier, I'll host a party, and we will keep the boys anytime you have a party and Josh is working!" Um...thank you God...for answering my request before I had even verbalized it! That was huge for me! Then, Josh's schedule was changed, and he is home more often, so I am able to schedule (most) parties on nights he is home to keep the boys. I feel like this adventure is going to be exciting and great, and I am trusting in God with the details.


Anonymous said...

That rocks that you love it soo much! I have been praying for you!

Beth Goff said...

I almost cried reading your post!!! I pray that God will bless you and your business and that He will use you to minister to people you meet at these home shows as well as providing a way for you to make some MONEY!!! Yeah!!!!