Monday, June 7, 2010

6 Years, 4 months, and some other stuff...

6 Years to my Best Friend!!!!!
I love him so much! It has been so fun being his wife! He works so hard to provide for us, and gives us a wonderful life! God knew what He was doing when he joined us. Joshua is more than I ever would have dreamed for myself.

4 Months!!!!
I can't believe my sweet little one is 4 months old. He is growing so fast...He is the happiest baby! His 4 month stats are weight: 15 pounds; height: 25 inches. He was in the 54% for both. The nurse said she had never seen a happier baby. :) He smiles all the time even in between his rare cries. He is eating every 3 hours and taking 6 ounces each time. He sleeps from 7:30 PM until 8 or 8:30 AM! He does not take a paci as much as I have tried. He prefers to suck his fist. He hasn't gotten his thumb officially yet, but he won't take a paci so it may be inevitable. Time will tell. He has started sticking his tongue out all the time. So cute! My heart is so full of love for my two boys!

Hudson at the restaurant where we went for our anniversary!

Kendan at Liz's pool.

Lunch with Michelle in Athens. Hudson loves "Granny." And I love that my boys are getting to know her. She keeps me laughing...good for the soul!

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Sarah said...

What a GREAT picture of you and Josh! And of course, the pictures of Kendan and Hudson are great, too! Glad y'all had a good anniversary! Love y'all!