Thursday, March 19, 2009

Not the first day of school...but it'll do.

Well this one is actually the first day of school, but we didn't get one together until the 3rd day.

This one is inside the center. His nervousness has taken over, hence the non-smile on his face. :-)
So, Hudson has 4 days of school down, and tomorrow he gets to stay at home with daddy. We'll start again on Monday, and I'm sure we'll have to pretty much start over after the long weekend home. He is making progress though. Which is good for me. I won't lie...I have shed some tears over whether this was the right thing to do or not. I know in my head he IS very ready and will LOVE it once he adjusts. I'm hoping that happens soon.
You must remember this is my heart walking around outside of my body.
He has made some new the form of teachers. He pretty much sticks by their side; I guess he feels safe there like these wild kids can't hurt me if I'm beside the teacher. ha ha. Ms. Tiffany is his favorite!!! He loves her, and she has been so sweet to him and tried to make his adjustment easier. He also loves Ms. Sara, the director. She is so great with children, and Hudson really likes when she comes outside to play with them. I'm so happy he's at this center, and I know he's going to have so much fun and make lots of friends. This week has been a little tough on him and me though. :-)


Beth G. said...

Thanks for your sweet comment.

I hope Hudson is adjusting to school well... Karoline was a lot like him and now she LOVES it. It will get better.

I totally understand how you feel about going back to work. It's hard but sometimes it's what we are called to do.

God bless!!

Jessica Cannon said...

I hear you about "your heart walking around outside your body". No one can explain the love a mom has for her little boy!