Friday, March 27, 2009


for either of us! :-) This week was SO much better! I thought that Monday would be hard since Hudson stayed home with Josh last Friday and had a 3 day weekend, but he walked in every morning like a champ. A hug, a kiss, and a "bye mom." I'm not sure which breaks my heart more, hearing him crying for me as I walk down the hall or having him say "bye mom." Kidding (sort of).

This week was really good, and he has pretty much taken over the entire YMCA. The hardest part of the day for him both weeks has been when they transition at 5 and combine classes so his teachers can go home. He hates going in with the "babies." So, he has managed to woo them all into letting him come into my room everyday at 5! This saves the teacher in what would be his room from hearing him cry for the last hour, and means that he pretty much has no tears at all throughout the entire day. :-) Funny though, because I'm in the infant room...the REAL BABIES! ha ha.

Here are a couple of pictures of his new haircut styled in a mohawk. We have also spiked it a few mornings. He prefers the mohawk though. Tonight after his bath he patted his head and asked if he had a mohawk. I told him, no, and he then asked me to give him one. :-) The girls love it at school too! His "special" friend is Emma, and she is darling!


Missy said...

i love the haircut :) and kudos to you for being brave enough to return to the work force...I gotta be honest, that scares the crud out of me! You go mom!

Ashly said...

Congratulations on the new job, that's great! Hudson is a doll baby, I know you are so in love.

I wanted to thank you for committing to pray for us during this pregnancy while you say your "night night" prayers. We appreciate it!