Friday, February 6, 2009

We're Potty Trained!!!!!!

Ok, so we are on day number 8...EIGHT, FOLKS....8!!!! with no accidents. (sidenote: we did have an accident today, but only because we were outside, and he did NOT want to go in to go potty...he didn't understand that I would let him pee in the grass today since it was so nice out. Is that gross?). Ok, so last Friday while still in a diaper and at the gym, Hudson came and told me that he had to go pee-pee. I quickly took him to the bathroom, and he went. He has not missed a beat since. He's told me, or Josh, or the Sunday School teacher, or the attendant at the gym every time he's had to go since last Friday. We put him in a diaper at night because it is too long for him to hold it. He has worn big boy underwear every day since Friday (we put them on when we got home from the gym Friday). So, I'd say we're officially potty trained. Now, I do realize we might still have an accident from time to time, but I'd say 7 days straight with no accidents is pretty darn good. OH, and he does not like us asking him if he has to go potty. He tells us "don't say that." So, this is 8 days of him telling us he has to go! We have been talking about the whole going potty business for some time, but I really was anticipating him "getting" it closer to 3 years old! He is 2 years and 5 months! I never imagined it would be this easy, and that he would just do it one day! I thought we would gradually learn. AND I've always heard boys are harder than girls. THIS IS ONE HAPPY MAMA!

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Drena said...

that's awesome...congrats!