Thursday, February 19, 2009


Hudson made the front page of the Douglas County Sentinel. His picture was taken at story time at the library, and he made the front page...IN COLOR! I'm so proud! Look for the picture soon. I'm hoping to post it. We stopped in a gas station to see if I could see the paper before I bought it, but I didn't have to look far. Flipped the paper over to the bottom half and there he was! Hudson asked the gas station attendant, "Did you see my picture?" HA HA I was so proud I bought every copy they had (it was only 3).

Ok, and now to give a shout to the ones who made my baby a local celebrity...ha ha

The Douglas County Public Library puts on a heck of a storytime! We have visited a few different ones, and this one by far is the best! They dress the part, have props, songs, and rhymes for the kids to do that usually involve their hands (think 5 little monkeys). They have recently started taping story time for the government channel.

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Drena said...

congrats! We may have to check that out down the road...we aren't too far from there either!