Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Grandparents Stole the Show!!!!

All is as it should be. Hudson's grandparents made one little boy's Christmas more than he could have ever imagined! Grandpa's gift, a digital camera, was a show stopper and a present stopper. He did not want to open anything after that. We had to distract him and hide it for him to finish Christmas. He LOVES that camera. He's already burned through all 200 pictures that it holds once. Josh had to delete about 100 so he could keep going. Then Grandmama's present was shown to him. His very own Home Depot tool bench! He REFUSED to do anything except play with his tools after he got this present. He loves it! Then we drove to McRae to spend Christmas evening with Josh's parents. Well, they got him his VERY OWN PONY!!!!! SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!!!! My 2 year old has his own pony!!!!! Hudson's pony is Max, and we're in LOVE with Max. Here are some pictures of Hudson with his presents from the Grandparents. I'll post all of the Christmas pictures and video later. We hope everyone had a VERY merry Christmas!

One happy little boy!

Say Cheese!

Isn't his tool bench awesome?
Working hard.

Hudson & Max

Loving on Max...what a lucky pair to have each other!!!!


NatalieDeltaGam said...

oh lord, honey, there is no way you can compete with a pony! i think that is the best possible present for a child...other than a baby brother or sister, of course (which is what i always asked my parents for until i was 11 and realized why i wasn't getting one..haha)
sounds like a perfect holiday for your little man!

Allison and Michael said...

Holy SMOKES! A PONY!? Every kid's dream...that is amazing!

He's such a cutie...glad you all had a wonderful Christmas.

amanda said...

What a lucky kid! I know you all had a great Christmas together!

Brooke said...

i can't believe he got a pony!! mckenna's been asking for one. she's convinced that it can just stay in the backyard. seems like you had a wonderful christmas!!

Missy said...

Wow...try to top that Mom ;)
He look so ridiculously pleased! What a merry Christmas!

Ashly said...

That's so neat! I would have killed for a pony as a child! He's a lucky boy.

Drena said...

super cute photos!