Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nite Nite Frights

When I was younger (around 5) I had a lamp that was a clown holding balloons. This lamp when turned on at night cast the most eerie shadows. I am not sure why, but I never told my parents it scared me. I simply asked to sleep with the light on for a lot of nights. My mom found out once I was grown that the lamp she bought for my room caused me to be scared at night. She has since joked about things I have gotten for Hudson saying that I will find out when he's 22 that it really terrified him.

It has happened.

I bought him an adorable night light that plugs into the wall. You put a picture in it, and the picture becomes the night light. I put a great picture of Hudson with his sunglasses on in the night light and plugged it into his wall. Since then, he has come into our room in the middle of the night every night. He also has started waking up screaming like he had a bad dream. The other night I caught him looking at the shadows on the ceiling cast by the night light. I asked him if the shadows scared him, and he went berzerk. He began crying loudly and clawing onto me. I took that as a yes. Now we have a dilemna because he won't go to bed in his bed at night. He took a nap there today fine, but it was light outside. As soon as it begins to get dark, he will not let me lay him in his bed.

Is there a solution? We have tried putting the light in the hallway instead. Didn't work. We tried turning a lamp on so his room is entirely lit up. Didn't work. He insists on going to sleep in our bed. Am I just going to have to adjust to a third party in my bed from now until he leaves home? Let me know what remedies you may have for this situation.



Drena said...

That's a hard one. Could one of you go to bed with him and when he falls asleep leave? Not a parent yet so don't know the answers but just a thought.

jtreams said...

Don't know what to say. We have kept Anna Claire in the crib as long as we could. She moves in a big bed in July. Can't wait. However, she hates it if there is any light on. She wants complete darkness. We will see what she does soon though. Julie

Clh03uga said...

We got him to go to sleep in his bed last night with the lamp on. It was the first night he'd even let me lay him down in his bed. Thanks for the suggestions. We welcome any others. He began climbing/falling out of his crib, hence why he is in a big boy bed now. I didn't want my 1 year old to get a broken arm.