Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Move-In Day

We are fast approaching move in day! We have put in so much time, sweat, and hard work already, and now it's finally time to move in. Mom and I with the help Dylan, Cat, and Liz have painted almost the entire house. The flooring has been laid, and we are moving in on Friday!!!! Yay! We have new hardwood floors in the foyer, dining room, and family room. We have new carpet in Hudson's playroom and the entire upstairs. We are so excited! We still have to paint the kitchen and bathrooms, but Josh is going to lay tile in those rooms, so we were not as rushed to get that done before move in day. Now, I'm just not looking forward to packing again! But I am ready to have all my furniture and stuff back. You can visit us anytime, and check back soon for new pictures of the updates in the house! xoxo

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