Monday, February 4, 2008

House update

Mom and I stopped in Home Depot one day for something totally unrelated and saw that they had tile on sale for 68 cents a square foot. I decided to go back a day or two later and get some for our new kitchen. It has an ugly floor in it now, and Josh knows how to lay tile. I bought more than we needed, and soon realized I might be able to get the 1/2 bath and maybe the upstairs bath tiled as well with what I had bought. Josh then tells me about a Home Depot Clearance store in Austell. So, mom and I drive out there. They have the SAME EXACT tile I just bought for 39 cents a square foot!!! So, we got enough to tile the kitchen, 1/2 bath, upstairs bath, and master bathroom for LESS than I had spent originally!!! So, we took the tile from the regular Home Depot back and got our money back. Yay! I love a good deal.

This same Clearance store also had lighting fixtures. I had decided to save money and just spraypaint the light in the dining room and maybe add a few beads to dress it up. Well...this clearance store had a chandelier that had originally sold for $299.99 on sale for $29.99!!!! Yes, for $30 dollars (after tax) I got a $300 chandelier! I'm pretty sure I'm going to go back and get another one for the foyer too!

Mom and I also made a trip to Dalton to price flooring. We had a carpet allowance that has already been agreed upon in our contract. So, we were trying to find some really good sales on carpet and hardwoods. We wanted to lay hardwood floors in the dining room and family room, and then lay carpet in the formal living room (Hudson's playroom) and the entire upstairs. We found a guy that gave us a quote, and after a little negotiating got us $300 under budget with installation included! He was great! Not only am I getting the hardwood floors in the dining room and family room, but we are re-doing the wood floor in the foyer so it all will match. If you need a good deal on flooring you should go to Dalton Wholesale Floors and ask for Jason! Things are coming along nicely!


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