Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year we had a really busy Halloween weekend. We trick-or-treated at The Avenue (our fav!), Paulding Meadows, and Poplar Springs Baptist Church's trunk or treat on Saturday! Then Monday we went to Pumpkinfest at our church! I don't have any pictures from Pumpkinfest because I was in line for the inverted jumpy the whole night. :) The kids had a blast, and we have so so much candy! We also added two girls to the mix this Halloween. Josh and I are fostering 12 year old twin girls. I am waiting for permission to post their picture on here; not sure if I am able to do that yet. Until then, enjoy my adorable Mario & Luigi!
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Rachel said...

Your Halloween costumes are the BEST. I just love following your blog!

Drena said...

What? I want to hear more about fostering twin 12 yr olds!