Tuesday, January 4, 2011

11 in 2011

I decided to join in on listing goals for this year. I may not do these things every day/week, but as my friend says, "it's what you do most of the time that matters." Hi, Drena! :-) So, here are my goals.

1. The first came from a challenge in our lifegroup at church. We were challenged to think about what we would give God this Christmas. It should be something that cost us something...not trivial or flippant promises. He has given everything for me...what could i give Him? The first is personal...a promise between Him and I. The second is something I have always thought about doing but always felt overwhelmed. I want to read the Bible this year. The entire thing! So I printed this reading plan and it is very managable even allowing 5 days each month to slack. :-) Awesome!


2. My Christmas present this year was a years membership to a gym. I love going, but haven't had a membership in a while! Goal is at LEAST 3 times a week I work out.

3. I want to have another successful year selling Premier Designs jewelry. Goal is to work my business to book parties.

4. I want to Christmas shop all year. So, as I find good deals I want to put them away for Christmas so that we spend a little all year instead of a lot all at once. *This will not replace Black Friday shopping though.

5. I want to spend 1-2 days every month cooking a lot of something and then freezing it for dinners later when I don't feel like cooking.

6. I want to spend one night a month that is just time with my husband. My gym offers date night from 5-8 one Friday a month for *FREE* so we will be using that for sure!!!

7. I want to really focus on my time home with my boys. I get so caught up each week trying to stay on top of cleaning and laundry. I want to play with them more.

8. I want to recycle. We don't. *gasp* I want to start. I think it will mean I take the stuff to recycling bins. I am going to have to research this more.

9. I want to have a fruitful garden again this year. I love having and eating fresh produce from my garden.

10. I want to get caught up on my boy's scrapbooks and DVD's that I make for them.

11. I want to serve others more. This Christmas we sponsored a family going through hard times, anit was so rewarding to give and especially for my entire family to be involved. I want to find other ways we can serve others as a family. Maybe we can collect items when they are BOGO to donate to food banks. This one, too, is going to require some research.

That's it. Those are what I am striving toward this year. 2011...wow...remember when we were going to party like it's 1999?
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Drena said...

i shopped all year last year for Oliver and it did help with spending. I would also like to do that for my mom.

For the month that I am focusing on giving, I have decided to include researching recycling. Let me know what you find out. I'm embarrassed that we don't do it either. Yet.

Mel said...

Good goals!

In think if you don't have pick up for recycling then you can take it somewhere. Some garbag pick up places will provide bins, I know I am OH but we hav. National company that picks up and if we recycle a certain mat hen we get money off :-).